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Usability Theory

About Usability Theory Usability theory encompasses a group of ideas about how humans interact with technology. As one computing dictionary defines it, usability is “the effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction with which users can achieve tasks in a particular environment of a product. High usability means a system is: easy to learn and remember; efficient, visually […]

Usability Research

About Usability Research Usability describes the ease with which users can use a product or piece of information to achieve their goals. Usable products or information should enable users to complete tasks and achieve goals with increased efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction. Employing usability and its related user-centered design methodologies can result in increased productivity and […]

Usability Testing

About Usability Testing Usability testing is a practice intended to evaluate a product or information product by testing it with users against a pre-defined set of criteria. Usability testing involves the following activities: Planning a Test: Usability test plans state the specific information or research need and outline test methods and instruments that will be […]

User-Centered Design

About User-Centered Design User centered design is a design philosophy wherein development organizations place users (capabilities, needs and wants) at the center of the design process. This has implications for both product and information development. Technical communicators familiar with user-centered design methodologies can add value to organizations by acting as evangelists and subject matter experts for […]

User Research and Analysis

About User Research and Analysis User research and analysis is important for technical communicators because it provides the background knowledge, scope, and reference that is required to develop user-centered information products. Technical communicators, with their research, interviewing and analytic skills, are positioned to become organizational experts on user research and analysis. User research can involve […]

Usability Testing Process

Helpful Literature Handbook of Usability Testing: How to Plan, Design, and Conduct Effective Tests, by Jeffrey Rubin The Design of Everyday Things, by Donald A. Norman Methods A glossary of usability methods to consider when conducting usability tests Eight tips for designing usability tests Tips for Setting up Usability Labs Plan Click the following links […]

Human Factors

About Human Factors Human factors is the science of understanding the human body, mind, and cognitive processes that relate to how users use products and information. While tied to the concepts of user-centered design and user research and analysis, human factors is unique because it extends to the physical and physiological needs that affect a […]

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