TCBOK Contributor Guidelines

Follow the submission form and the following guidelines before submitting material to the TCBOK. All articles will be reviewed by TCBOK editors.

Style and Format

Follow these guidelines when writing for the TCBOK.

  • Write in a clear, informal style, avoiding jargon and acronyms. Guide all decisions on style and usage on your common sense. If needed, refer to:
  • The American Heritage Dictionary for spelling and usage.
  • The Chicago Manual of Style for punctuation and format.
  • Submit articles per instructions on the submission form.
  • In the source file, use Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, or any other common font. It is not necessary to use multiple fonts when formatting a submission.
  • Make sure to proofread and edit your submission.
  • Use the following format and order for your submission:
    • Title of the article in boldface at the top of the first page
    • Name of the author(s) and STC membership level on the next line
    • Body of the text
    • Subheads within an article in boldface.
    • Sub-subheads in italic.

Note: It should not be necessary to use sub-sub-subheads—if you find yourself tempted to do so, please consider restructuring your article.

Word Count

Please ensure your submission is at least 1,000 words but not exceeding 2,500 words in length.


As you are creating your document, identify keywords that could be used.


Provide descriptive headings to help readers navigate through the content quickly.


  • Use a lead-in sentence to introduce a list.
  • Make sure lists are parallel in construction.
  • Use ordered and numbered lists appropriately.


Verify links that you provide are current and correct.


Include references at the end of your submission.

An example of a reference citation would be, “These principles have been confirmed by extensive research” (Smith 1995). Such a sentence should be changed to read, “Al Smith confirmed these principles using extensive research.” Please provide page numbers (if available) for all quotations, or provide websites for online material.

Bibliography/Suggested Reading

At the end of a submission, you may include a list of publications for suggested reading. These sources are meant to provide readers with more detailed information about discussed topics. Citation style should be in accordance with the style defined in The Chicago Manual of Style.

Submitting Graphics

Follow these guidelines when preparing and submitting graphics (screen captures, photographs, and other illustrations such as charts, figures, or graphs):

  • Save all graphics as high resolution (at least 300 dpi) in PNG format. NOTE: If your graphics are too large, please work out another solution for submitting them.
  • Screen Captures: Provide screen capture graphics at the size they were created (that is, 100%). Do not resample, enlarge, reduce, convert, or alter them in any way.
  • Graphics created in PowerPoint: Provide the original PowerPoint file.
  • Use notes in brackets to indicate the spot in the manuscript where graphics should be inserted. For example, <insert Figure 1 here>.
  • Attach graphics to the contribution form. Graphics should not be embedded into the submitted document: Embedded graphics are unusable.

Note: The TCBOK is not able to change the quality, readability, or resolution of a graphic that you send. We cannot touch up or re-create your graphic. This means that what appears on the TCBOK will look no better than what you send us. If your graphic looks fuzzy, is low-resolution or otherwise low-quality, that is how it will look online. If we receive a low-quality graphic, we will let you know and ask you to send a better version or delete the graphic altogether.