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Usability Research

About Usability Research Usability describes the ease with which users can use a product or piece of information to achieve their goals. Usable products or information should enable users to complete tasks and achieve goals with increased efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction. Employing usability and its related user-centered design methodologies can result in increased productivity and […]

Usability Testing

About Usability Testing Usability testing is a practice intended to evaluate a product or information product by testing it with users against a pre-defined set of criteria. Usability testing involves the following activities: Planning a Test: Usability test plans state the specific information or research need and outline test methods and instruments that will be […]

User-Centered Design

About User-Centered Design User centered design is a design philosophy wherein development organizations place users (capabilities, needs and wants) at the center of the design process. This has implications for both product and information development. Technical communicators familiar with user-centered design methodologies can add value to organizations by acting as evangelists and subject matter experts for […]

User Research and Analysis

About User Research and Analysis User research and analysis is important for technical communicators because it provides the background knowledge, scope, and reference that is required to develop user-centered information products. Technical communicators, with their research, interviewing and analytic skills, are positioned to become organizational experts on user research and analysis. User research can involve […]

Search Related Fields

About Related Fields Searching for information in fields related to Technical Communication can also be helpful. The following list identifies some possible fields to explore: Applied Linguistics Business Analysis Cognitive Psychology Composition and Rhetoric Ethnomethodology Graphic Design Human Computer Interaction Information Architecture Research Knowledge Management Research Organizational Communication Performance Technology Reading Studies Science Communication Technology […]

Information Searches

Resources for Conducting Information Searches This is your guide to searching for reports about research in technical communication and related fields. Search TCBOK: Get tips for searching the content on this site. Search Technical Communication Journals: Learn how to search and access journals important to building knowledge in technical communication. Search Technical Communication EServer: What? […]

Research Reviews

Reviews of Technical Communication Research This area contains brief overviews of research on particular topics in technical communication. Each review cites several specific studies that together constitute a cluster of related findings. These are generated by Steve Bernhardt’s technical rhetoric class. Some topics here are connected to established nodes. Once the content here is filled […]


In A Research Primer for Technical Communication, Hughes and Hayhoe (2007) define research as “the systematic collection and analysis of observations for the purpose of creating new knowledge that can inform actions and decisions” (p. 4). “The field of technical communication,” they write, “relies on research to inform best practices within it” (p. 5). Source: […]

Quantitative Methods

About Quantitative Methods Quantitative methods involve counting, gathering, and analyzing data. Counting or gathering quantitative data might include performing a content analysis, experimental research, survey research, or Web analytics research, to name a few possible tasks. Analyzing data involves statistical calculations and analysis, including ANOVA, chi square, correlation, t-test, as well as other statistical tests […]

Qualitative Methods

About Qualitative Methods Qualitative research seeks to find out why. For example, the research seeks to learn why someone acts the way that they do, rather than counting how many times that person acts in that way. You can find out why a group of high-school freshmen enjoy pizza for lunch versus meatloaf. You cannot, however, […]

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