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Tools for Publishing Content

Content Publishing Tools Some tools overlap functions and may be detailed in one location only. For example, some people may consider a tool to be useful for both creating content (a word processor) and for managing content (a review and tracking tool). Some tools have both functions. Therefore tools will, on occasion, be found in […]

Publication Standards of Digital Print

Publication Standards of Digital Print The following file formats are standard within the digital print industry: Portable Document Format (PDF) Developed as a closed standard document type, with a fixed, flattened layer that includes all text, graphics, and the structure needed to display them. Adobe released PDF as an open source file format in 2008. […]

Information Delivery

About Information Delivery Information delivery includes topics related to the publication and delivery of information products, including topics such as single-source publishing, online publishing, mobile device publishing, managing print publications, stylesheets, search and retrieval, digital print publication, and many others. Online Publishing Stylesheets Digital Print Publication

Digital Print Publication

About Digital Print Publication Since the invention of the Gutenberg printing press, the publication cycle of writing, producing, distributing, and storing publications has taken place solely in a printed format. Recently, the development of digital technology, with its unlimited capacity for information processing, production, and storage, has lent itself as an ideal platform on which […]

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