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Tools and Technologies

Tools and Technologies in Technical Communication This topic is about how you decide which tools to use for what. Note that some tools can be used for more than one function. This topic includes the following content: Tools for authoring content: This topic contains a collection of programs or applications used to create, edit, maintain, or otherwise support creating […]

Standards in Technical Communication

Following Technical Communication Standards Following standards ensures that technical communicators can easily share source files (that is, the computer files that contain content) and information, and present it in various ways. Dr. Annette Reilly edited a special issue of the STC magazine Intercom (Nov. 2008), dedicating it to standards relevant to technical communicators. Standards for […]

Process Metrics

About Process Metrics Process metrics are measurements of the steps of a process. Steps generally have completion milestones, and processes are generally measurable in business terms such as timeliness and cost. Process metrics tend to help with estimation (how long will it take, and what will it cost, to create a document?). Process quality has […]

Producing Information

Technical Communication Products Technical communicators produce four general categories of documents: Documents that explain products, services, and policies. Materials in this category include help, technical-support websites, user’s guides, service guides, references, and policies and procedures. Documents that share scientific and technical information. Materials in this category include technical reports, scientific articles, conference presentations, and book-length projects. Documents that train users […]

Managing Technical Communication Groups

People Management People management involves choosing staff to work on projects and coaching them to their highest levels of performance. Managing people Project Management Project management involves estimating schedules and budgets, assuring quality, and preparing for the unexpected Managing projects Business Management Business management is about the challenges of strategic planning, preparing business cases, marketing a […]

Information Design and Development

Theories and practices in information management include design, development, delivery, quality assurance, translation, globalization, and localization. Information Management Information Management brings together topics like single-source authoring, topic-based authoring, and content management. Information Design Information Design includes needs assessments, information architecture, and accessibility. You can also find information about instructional design here. Information Development Information Development […]

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