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Legal Writer

Description Legal writing is a type of technical writing used by professionals in the legal field. Judges, attorneys, paralegals, and clerks are some of the most common titles held by those in this area. Most of the time, legal writing deals with analyzing and understanding intensely legalistic language and deciphering it for a non-legally-educated audience. […]

Legal Rhetoric

About Legal Rhetoric Legal rhetoric is a field that traditionally makes use of rhetoric to shape arguments, persuade individuals, and conduct its business. Trial rhetoric, in particular, can be usefully informed by the tradition of classical rhetoric that stresses the importance of ethos, pathos, and logos. The information provided might be helpful for someone writing […]

Legal and Intellectual Property Issues

Intellectual Property Who owns the work? Copyright, trademarks, and patents Use of copyrighted materials Registering copyrights Copyrights around the world Resources Other Legal Matters Import/Export Law/Regulations Contract Law Relevant Legal Statutes (for example, EU regulations) Hiring (for example, contract employees, international, legal and appropriate interviewing

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