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Web Page Design

Visual Design for Web When considering design for a web page, one should pay particular attention to their audience. Putting a page on the internet opens up the audience far beyond who is the intended audience. The designer also has to always keep in mind the aim of the organization behind the website, its values, […]

Translation, Localization, and Globalization

Translation, Localization, or Globalization? Part of the process of translating a written text is the adaptation of the source language text service to the needs and uses of a particular cultural or linguistic market. Equally, your communications may need to be adapted to other markets even if it will be presented in the same language. […]

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance includes a wide range of practices, including controlled languages, editing, reviewing, style guides, testing, and evaluating quality to name just a few. Controlled languages Editing Reviewing Style guides Testing Evaluating Quality Plagiarism Contributors must be aware that committing plagiarism is an act of fraud. The TCBOK is not responsible for plagiarized submissions. Any […]

Instructional Designer

About Instructional Design Instructional design (ID) is a field that uses systematic design to improve human performance. Practitioners use theories and models to create training. They develop courses that are efficient and effective with helping trainees to acquire a particular skill set or knowledge. Typical arenas for instructional designers include business, industry, higher education, the […]

Information Mapping

About Information Mapping Information MappingTM is a trademarked methodology for writing and structuring content. It was developed by Robert Horn, a researcher at Harvard and Columbia Universities, in 1967. The overall process of Information Mapping consists of three major steps: analysis, organization, and presentation. Analysis The technical communicator analyzes both the text and the audience’s needs […]

Information Design and Development

Theories and practices in information management include design, development, delivery, quality assurance, translation, globalization, and localization. Information Management Information Management brings together topics like single-source authoring, topic-based authoring, and content management. Information Design Information Design includes needs assessments, information architecture, and accessibility. You can also find information about instructional design here. Information Development Information Development […]

Information Architecture

What are the Goals of Information Architecture? Information Architecture is a method to organize information in a purposeful and service-oriented way. It applies a systems design approach to information (Cummings, 2002). Some goals of information architecture include: Improving access to information Improving the relevancy of information Improving utility of information for a particular audience or […]

Information Designer

Definition There is no agreed upon definition of exactly what information design is. Consider these definitions of information design, taken from a broad cross-section of authorities associated with the field:  Complex ideas communicated with clarity, precision and efficiency. The point of intersection between language disciplines, art and aesthetic disciplines, information disciplines, communication disciplines, behavior and […]

Information Design

Information Design and Development in Technical Communication This section includes information about theories and practices in information management, design, development, delivery, quality assurance, and translation, globalization, and localization. Information Management The section on Information Management brings together topics like single-source authoring, topic-based authoring, and content management. Information Development For many technical communicators, information development is […]

Evaluating Accessibility

Evaluating Accessibility Designing for accessibility is important during both website creation and updating. Ensure the site meets your accessibility goals by using evaluation methods such as: Hiring a usability/accessibility expert Using automated validation tools Conducting usability testing with participants who have an impairment or disability Conducting a preliminary review yourself Conducting a preliminary review is […]

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