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<h2>Contributors</h2> This page records, with gratitude, people who have helped with this project. We are all volunteers. We also thank the many other people who have helped us directly or indirectly, but who choose to remain anonymous. If you have contributed to TCBOK in any way and would like to be acknowledged here, please <a title="Contact Us" href="">contact the TCBOK team</a>. <h2>Current TCBOK Committee</h2> <ul> <li><strong>Liz Herman, </strong>Chair</li> <li><strong>Deanne Levander</strong>, Chief Editor</li> <li><strong>James Cameron,</strong> Society Liaison</li> <li><strong>Joanna Schreiber</strong>, Community Engagement Facilitator</li> <li><strong>Laura Harding, Kim Kahat, Cindy Johnson,</strong> TCBOK Editors</li> </ul> <h2>Our Volunteer Contributors</h2> <ul> <li style="list-style-type: none"> <ul> <li><strong>Brian Ballentine</strong>, assistant professor and coordinator for the Professional Writing and Editing program at West Virginia University.</li> <li><strong>Thomas Barker</strong>, Professor of Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech University.  Tommy is a team leader for the "Managing Your Career/Professional Development" section of the BOK.  He has contributed to those pages and welcomes the chance to work with volunteers for this important part of technical communication knowledge.</li> <li><strong>Mollye Barrett</strong>, Principal at <a href="">ClearPath, LLC</a>, first TCBOK editor-in-chief.</li> <li><strong>Stephen A. Bernhardt</strong>, University of Delaware, worked with his undergraduate professional rhetoric class at  to create contributions in areas of rhetorical research and theory.</li> <li><strong>Alex Blanton</strong>, Senior Content Project Manager, Engineering Excellence, Microsoft Corporation.</li> <li><strong>Karla Busch</strong> contributed as a student working with Dr. Marjorie Davis.</li> <li><strong>Raymond Calbay</strong>, communication specialist and web administrator of <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">STC Philippine chapter</a>.</li> <li><strong>Ben Colborn</strong>, courseware development lead at <a href="">Citrix Systems, Inc.</a></li> <li><strong>Dr. Nancy Coppola</strong>, Director, <a href="">MS in Professional &amp; Technical Communication</a> and Professor of English, New Jersey Institute of Technology. Dr. Coppola is a founding contributor to TCBOK, and has documented its history in her 2010 paper <a href="">"The Technical Communication Body of Knowledge Initiative: An Academic-Practitioner Partnership</a>" (abstract available to all; full text requires STC membership).</li> <li><strong>Marjorie T. Davis</strong>, Professor, Mercer University. Served with the initial team creating the STC BOK project; worked with graduate students from Mercer to add some content and test the personas.</li> <li><strong>Deborah Lewis Baxley Doyle, </strong>STC professional technical communicator<b>,</b>  whose article <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">The Magic Three  </a> won an STC Regional Excellence Award for its innovative perspective in simplifying content development. She is currently writing a book on content strategy built on the philosophy of modular content.</li> <li><strong>Debby Davy</strong>, STC professional technical communicator and practice leader of <a href="">DK Consultants</a> and <a href="">Mastertechwriter</a>.</li> <li><strong>Britt Ellmer</strong>, student contributor working with Dr. Marjorie Davis.</li> <li><strong>Elizabeth Filippo</strong>, student contributor working with Dr. Marjorie Davis.</li> <li><strong>Anne Gentle</strong>, community documentation consultant, STC Senior Member.</li> <li><strong>Sarah Gelotte</strong>, student contributor working with Dr. Stephen Bernhardt.</li> <li><strong>Claire Gould</strong>, now an Editor/Writer for the <a href="">Colonial Williamsburg Foundation</a>, contributed as a student working with Dr. Stephen Bernhardt.</li> <li><strong>Rob Hanna</strong>, technology lead and Producing TC lead.</li> <li><strong>Mark Hanigan</strong>, project leader</li> <li><strong>Hillary Hart</strong>, STC Fellow, founding project leader.</li> <li><strong>Dr George Hayhoe</strong>, professor of technical communication and director of the MS in Technical Communication Management program at Mercer University.</li> <li><strong>Allyson Heisler</strong></li> <li><strong>Samantha Hudson</strong>, Appalachian State University</li> <li><strong>Jeff Huset</strong></li> <li><strong>Caroline Jarrett</strong>, STC Fellow, project manager 2008-2010; wiki manager 2009-2012</li> <li><strong>Dr Ann Jennings</strong>, University of Houston-Downtown, contributed bibliographies.</li> <li><strong>Steven Jong</strong>, STC Senior Member, contributed a section on Metrics and as a team member.</li> <li><strong>Rebecca Kasman</strong>, online editor for <a href=""></a>, contributed as a student working with Dr. Stephen Bernhardt.</li> <li><strong>Connie Kiernan</strong>, STC Fellow, project leader.</li> <li><strong>Joel Kline</strong>, Professor of Digital Communications at Lebanon Valley College.</li> <li><strong>Deanne Levander</strong>, STC Fellow and Domain Lead for the Professional Development Domain, TCBOK.</li> <li><strong>Janette Lynch</strong></li> <li><strong>Maury Maryanow</strong>, Assistant Professor, Troy University, Montgomery Campus, and his students.</li> <li><strong>Linda L. Oestreich</strong>, STC Fellow, former STC President, Information Development Manager for HP, and an original champion of TCBOK.</li> <li><strong>Cindy Pao</strong>, contributor to the Research topic.</li> <li><strong>Daniel Portwood</strong>, technical communicator at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, contributed first as a student working with Dr. Marjorie Davis.</li> <li><strong>Alice Preston</strong>, User Experience Architect and the Manager of the <a href="">STC UUX community</a>.</li> <li><strong>Morgan Prettyman</strong>, student contributor working with Dr. Stephen Bernhardt.</li> <li><strong>Janice (Ginny) Redish</strong>, <a href="">Redish &amp; Associates, Inc.</a>, STC Fellow and founding member of TCBOK.</li> <li><strong>Annette Reilly</strong>, Lockheed Martin Enterprise Business Services, providing information about relevant international standards for technical communication.</li> <li><strong>Dan Riechers</strong>, technical writer and supervisor, Eaton Corporation. Completed M.S. in Technical Communication at North Carolina State University in May of 2011.</li> <li><strong>Stephanie Schrankler</strong>, Chief Communication and Learning Officer for <a href="">Sagitec Solutions, LLC</a>. Contributing to TCBOK as Group Lead for Managing Your Career.</li> <li><strong>Karen Schriver</strong>, Researcher, Consultant, Educator; President, KSA Communication Design &amp; Research, Inc. Contribute ideas on research about writing and information design.</li> <li><strong>Christine Marini Sigman</strong>, Principal Technical Writer, <a href="">Endeca Technologies</a></li> <li><strong>Stephanie Mooring</strong>, Director of the Academic Resource Center, Mercer University</li> </ul> </li> </ul>

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