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Value Proposition
<p>A value proposition situates a profession in the world of industry, government, academia, and non-profit as well as describes the unique value that profession brings to the table. Technical communicators clarify complex topics for a wide variety of organizations, fields, and industries.</p> <p>Through development, management, and dissemination of information, technical communicators help increase corporate revenue, customer satisfaction, and public safety, while reducing product development time, technical support, and other direct and indirect costs. Using a wide variety of technologies, tools, and processes, technical communicators deliver a positive user experience and the right information to people when they need it and in the most efficient manner.</p> <h2>Metrics for the Value of Technical Communication</h2> <p>Reduce the costs to develop, produce, and maintain product information and products through the following procedures:</p> <ul> <li>Implement mature information development processes</li> <li>Use appropriate tools and technologies for content development, translation/localization, deployment, and management</li> <li>Reuse content strategically</li> </ul> <p>Reduce product or information support costs by clearly communicating product setup, usage, and maintenance instructions—as well as public-interest information—so that users and readers can be more self-sufficient in the following ways:</p> <ul> <li>Greater efficiency by providing performance support systems and documentation to insure repeatable, high-quality employee and customer performance</li> <li>Accelerated user adoption as well as increased user satisfaction and loyalty by making it easier to use products and services effectively</li> <li>Reduced liability and risk through effective communication of safe and correct processes</li> </ul>

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