For a true professional, joining a professional society is not an option but a necessity. Especially for a rapidly changing discipline such as technical communication, continuing professional education is essential. Many types of professional societies are available for technical communicators around the world. Professional societies, also referred to as professional associations or organizations, are an essential for technical communicators. By participating in professional societies, you can expand and strengthen your knowledge, skills, and abilities as a technical communicator. Your involvement in professional societies will yield opportunities to build a valuable social network and to continue your professional development by learning about new theories, tools, techniques, and standards that are driving the continuous evolution of technical communication specialties. Joining a professional society can be fulfilled at the expense of your employer or by yourself. If you need information for building a business case to have your employer pay for all or a part of your joining of a professional society or subscribing to a journal, have a look at the STC's membership page for an example.