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The personas shown on this page have specific Translation-related information needs. Key words derived from a persona's description were compared with matching key words assigned to resources (that is, annotated bibliographies) to suggest resources that may satisfy a persona's information needs.
  • To review a persona description and specific information needs, click the persona's name. The description opens in a new window.
  • To see suggested resources, click the resource name. The resource appears in this window.

Maarten van Gelten

Manager of European Packaging and Translations, XYZ Inc. Key words: translation costs, content management, translation memory, Controlled English, ambiguity checkers, writing for translation, controlled languages, minimalism Suggested resources:

Anu Patel

Director, Master of Science in Professional and Technical Communication, NEIT Key words: cultural exchange, localization, globalization, DITA, content management, graphics Suggested resources:

Caroline Landry

Senior Technical Writer for ABC Company Key words: translation, translation cost, content management, machine translation Suggested resources:

Jimmy Chin

Senior in college, tech comm major, looking for jobs Key words: writing for translation, globalization, collaboration Suggested resources:

Randy Green

Information Developer for TraxTronix Key words: XML, DITA, controlled language, translation cost, writing for translation Suggested resources:


Jeff Huset and Janette Lynch created this page to connect selected personas that have translation information needs with suggested translation resources.