Social Media Case Studies Annotated Bibliography


Hayes, L. (May 3, 2011). Effectively incorporating social media: A case study on Coca-Cola. In America University, Washington, DC.  Retrieved May 3, 2012, from

(Provided by Author) – This paper explores social media marketing, its functions and best practices. By examining uses and gratifications theory and the “groundswell,” this paper analyzes how to best use social media. Two case studies of beverage giant Coca-Cola are examined and analyzed. Expedition 206 followed three bloggers on their mission to find happiness on a trip around the world, and 24-Hour Session With Maroon 5 examines an interactive song-writing session with the pop band Maroon 5.

Neff, Jack. “A new way to Walmart shelves: social media; Case study: How a small brand bucked traditional model of distribution first, then marketing, using Facebook, YouTube.” Advertising Age 3 Oct. 2011: 0024. Academic OneFile. Web. 4 May 2012

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Orabrush, a little known  tongue cleaning product, used a Social Media campaign to market their product. Using  YouTube videos, and eventually Facebook marketing, they were successful enough to have a Walmart store contact them to sell their product on the Walmart store’s shelves.  Soon, more than one Walmart carried the product.

YouTube Video for Orabrush Product –

The video that was used in the Orabrush social media marketing campaign.