Wang, L., Von Laszewski, G. (2008). Cloud Computing: a Perspective Study. Retrieved from RIT

A study that aims to analyze and explain the evolution of Cloud computing and discuss the benefits. Mostly looked at the Software as a Service (SaaS) portion for a comprehension of the benefits.

Chen, Y., Su, Y., Chen, Y., Huang, C. (2008). Design and implementation of a medical knowledge service system for cross-organization healthcare collaboration. Retrieved from 10.1109/INDIN.2008.4618292

Used for the introduction to Healthcare Cloud Computing. The article analyzes the proposed designs of cloud computing for healthcare professionals. It illustrates how to utilize and manage cloud computing in a healthcare setting.

Karpova, E., Correia, A. P., & Baran, E. (2009). Learn to use and use to learn: Technology in virtual collaboration experience. The Internet and Higher Education, 12(1), 45-52.

Provides a discussion and analysis of cloud computing in terms of a collaboration experience.

Turner, M., Budgen, D., & Brereton, P. (2003). Turning software into a service. IEEE Computer, 36(10), 38-44. Retrieved from

 Used for background information on SaaS. Provided example of a Saas scenario.