Eye Tracking and Web Usability Annotated Bibliography

The following resources were used to write content on eye tracking and web usability:

  • Fadeyey, D. (2009, February 18). 9 Common Usability Mistakes in Web Design. Smashing Magazine.  The main idea is a few common mistakes that many web designers make and encounter when creating a website or web page. Some include the simple mistakes such as small clickable areas, or more complex like fixing old links that have been broken or now link to a non-existent page.
  • Nielsen, J. (2008). How Little Do Users Read?
    Nielsen discusses that readers actually do not read most of the text on a web page unless they are looking for specific information. Therefore, in order to appeal to the user, certain aspects in web design need to be followed.
  • Nielsen, J. (2008). Right-Justified Navigation Menus Impede Scannability. Current Issues in Web Usability.
    Menus seem so simple, yet in reality they can be quite complicated. This article shows poorly organized menus and suggests techniques to increase menu usage and comprehension.