Web Page Design Annotated Bibliography


Redish, J. (2007). Letting go of the words. (pp. 13-257). San Francisco: Morgan  Kaufmann Publishers.

Keywords: [Redish, Web Design.]

[In her textbook Letting go of the words, Janice Redish explores some of the most important aspects of web page design. Topics include audience, content, typography, and headings. Her brief but informative commentary provides excellent guidance for beginners in web page design. Her directions are clear and easy to follow. Follow her suggestions to be guaranteed a fairly comprehensive understanding of web design.]


Lin, Canchu. (2002). Organizational size, multiple audiences and web site design (Applied Research). Technical Communication, 49(1), [36+].

Keywords: [Lin, website, Web, design, audience]

[Article that suggests the influence audience has on a website, and how to effectively deal with multiple and global audiences.]

Loorbach, Nicole and Thea van der Gest. (2005). Testing the visual consistency of Web sites. Technical Communication, 52(1), [27+].

Keywords: [Loorbach, van der Geest, consistency, Web, Web site, page]

[Article giving a means to test the effective consistency of a web page, offering an introduction and explanation on the consistency and the importance of visual appearance of a web page.]

Redish, Janice C. (2000). What is information design?. Technical Communication, 47(2), [163+].

Keywords: [Redish, information, design, page]

[Article gives guidelines for designing information in a broad sense, with some of the article focusing on information displayed on a screen.]

Williams, Thomas R. (2000). Guidelines for designing and evaluating the display of information on the Web. Technical Communication, 47(3), [383+].

Keywords: [Williams, design, page, Web, screen, display, evaluation]

[Describes issues involved with designing information for the computer screen and on web pages, and offers useful advice for designing and structuring information and directing audience attention.]