Technical Communication Student

  • 21 years old
  • Has taken courses in education and technical communication
  • Has designed a poster on the importance of technical communication to high school students
  • Has done an internship in a local high school
  • Member of the Volunteers for Literacy Club

“The person who knows how to read and doesn’t has little advantage over the person who can’t.”

 Jennifer is a third-year student in a Bachelor of Technical Communication program at a large western university.  She is studying grant writing and English education and seeks a career as a writer in the field of education and training.  This year she will complete an internship at a local literacy center creating materials to assist other volunteers and volunteer recruiters.  She loves document design and public speaking.  

Jennifer has completed a literature review in literacy of technical English and numeracy that seeks to make recommendations to high school teachers in the area of technical communication. She found that high school teachers know little about technical communication.  She hopes to help the local school district, with the help of her internship teacher, write a grant to fund experimental classes in technical communication (or “practical communication”) in all levels of schools in her city.

Key Attributes

  • Strong sense of commitment  to the community
  • Loves to learn grammar
  • Willing to contribute instructional materials for processing at the Food Bank
  • Wants to change the world one step at a time.


  • Studies rhetorical criticism, style, intermediate and advanced composition, grant writing
  • Likes to organize others in a publications management team
  • Enjoys field trips with the STC Student Chapter

Informational Needs/Goals

  • Wants to attend graduate school in technical communication
  • Seeks to help volunteer organizations find funding for literacy projects
  • Interested in learning more about the achievement gap and how it pertains to technical communication