This collection of resources explores what role technology will play in coming years: In this follow-up piece to her 2004 article, Barbara Giammona explores the future of the industry and how technical communicators need to evolve to remain relevant and demonstrate their value. The Future of Technical Communication: Remix (PDF) Presented by Sarah O'Keefe of Scriptorium Publishing and Nicky Bleiel of ComponentOne, Webcast: Trends in Technical Communication 2011 this webcast outlines trends in technical communications in 2011.

Future Trends in Technical Communication

Written by Ugur Ackinci, this article explores several aspects of Technical Communications, namely how humans will interact with content -- and whether or not a further developed knowledge of applicable tools will assist, harm or replace human prose?

Intelligent Content and the Future of Technical Communication

This entry from the blog The Fractal Enterprise uses a case study from the author’s business experience to examine how quickly technology is changing and where technical communication fits with that change.

The Fusion of Business Analysis and Technical Communications

This entry, also from the blog The Fractal Enterprise, examines changes in the corporate world and how a fusion of business analysis and technical communication might be an effective business solution for corporations.

The Future of Technical Communication

This slideshow created by Scott Abel, an internationally recognized content management strategist and social networking choreographer, examines the future of Technical Communications in short snippets of information, slide by slide.

The Future of Technical Communication is Socially Enabled: Understanding the Help 2.0 Revolution

This article, also written by Scott Abel, examines the evolution of technical communication and customer support, from old school support to socially enabled support and Help 2.0.

Screencasting: The Future of Technical Communication, with STC's Raymond K. Archee

This article is about the future of screen casting playing a role in technical communication and it was written by Peg Mulligan. This article explains why screen casting should be a part of technical communication and also talks about the different types of software that can be used.

Will the Future of Enterprise 2.0 Follow That of Web Content Management?

This article is written by Robert Rose and it talks about where the future of Enterprise 2.0 really lie.  In the article it talks about how Enterprise 2.0 is just like Web 2.0 but only for business. The article states that E 2.0 will allow non technical people to collaborate and share more freely across the enterprise.