History of the STC TCBOK

STC TCBOK Knowledge Portal: Phases 1 and 2

Phase 1 began the Technical Communication Body of Knowledge (TCBOK). It has involved developing a draft site map (comapping account required), read-only version of site map (no comapping account required), and personas for the TCBOK.

The site map organizes the domains of knowledge, skills, and concepts necessary for the practice of technical communication. The current map has 4 domains of high-level knowledge under which are organized skills and secondary knowledge areas specific to technical communication.

14 personas represent the majority of users who might access TCBOK. Use these personas to help find relevant  information.

Phase 2 of this project began after we solicited feedback from STC members via an online survey on the personas and draft site map.

After reviewing the large number of very thoughtful, detailed suggestions, we began to populate the domains of the site map with original content, articles, links to sites, and annotated bibliographies. TCBOK was first made public at the May 2009 STC conference in Atlanta.

We hope you will join the volunteers who have begun to edit and develop content for TCBOK.

STC Summit 2009

At the STC Summit 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia, we asked attendees to join in our discussions and volunteer to help with TCBOK.

We had two lively sessions about the project. Lisa Pappas blogged the first one, which focused on definitions and how we used personas to inspire TCBOK.

The second session asked attendees to think of their own questions that they want TCBOK to answer. We also called for volunteers.

STC Summit 2008

The STC Summit 2008 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was our first opportunity to present ideas to the wider membership of STC and ask for help.

  • We had a large wall with the first site map ideas, and many people commented on it.
  • We also had sessions describing the work so far and our ambitions.