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Stages of Diffusion

Different users assimilate innovations at varying rates. The availability of information, whether from peers or from more formal channels (such as technical publications), affects how users learn to adopt an innovation. Rogers (1995) proposes five stages that potential users confront during the diffusion of innovation process. Knowledge of: What do users know about it? Attitude […]

Experience and Audience Awareness

Experience and Audience Awareness A study by T. Gunn and C. Taylor (1990) details how a person’s experience with the material they are working with contributes to their planning and writing strategies. While it was a study done of expert and novice secondary education English teachers, the data found benefits professional and technical writers as […]

Flexibility and Time

Flexibility and Time Skilled writers use their previous knowledge of the material they are writing about to plan and strategize. In “Expert-Novice Differences in the Writing Process,” M. Atlas (1979) writes about differences in where expert and novice writers obtained ideas, how they used them in the writing process, and how their own knowledge helped […]


Metadiscourse Writers use metadiscourse to guide readers through their texts, giving them prompts on how to approach their arguments or how to situate their arguments amongst others in a larger discourse community (Longo, 1994, p.348). Through textual analysis, Longo (1994) closely examines expert and novice use of metadiscourse in design proposals that they wrote and […]


Planning Different approaches to planning mark writers’ levels of expertise.  Several studies of writing demonstrate that expert writers are more likely to plan than novices.  The success of their writing is affected by presence or lack of prior planning, as shown in studies by Best (1996).  Best’s study may be about student levels of writing, […]

Working In Teams

Technical communicators belong to many teams. The following list shows just a few possibilities that exist. tech pubs teams product development teams engineering teams STC teams social teams How we define teams and assemble them depends on the project, and we might have to adapt our communication and collaboration styles to enable the team to […]

Writing Domains

About Writing Domains Writing for a pilot or an aircraft maintenance person is not exactly the same as writing for a lawyer, or for a senior trying to understand a medicine leaflet. We use the word ‘domains’ to refer to these areas of specialism. For example: Aerospace and military Science Medical Pharmaceuticals Policy and procedures […]

Wiki Technical

Wiki Technical This page is for technical matters to do with setting up this wiki. If you find a tip or useful shortcut, please add it here. To create pages for a section On the Page menu, select New (or use this shortcut). You will see that all the news pages appear in the top level […]

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