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Standards in Technical Communication

Following Technical Communication Standards Following standards ensures that technical communicators can easily share source files (that is, the computer files that contain content) and information, and present it in various ways. Dr. Annette Reilly edited a special issue of the STC magazine Intercom (Nov. 2008), dedicating it to standards relevant to technical communicators. Standards for […]

Publication Standards of Digital Print

Publication Standards of Digital Print The following file formats are standard within the digital print industry: Portable Document Format (PDF) Developed as a closed standard document type, with a fixed, flattened layer that includes all text, graphics, and the structure needed to display them. Adobe released PDF as an open source file format in 2008. […]


Ethics [this information was produced for a group project by students at Lebanon Valley College]   Santa Clara University’s basic overview of all ethical standards ranging anywhere from technology to government.  Includes articles, cases, blogs, and other useful tools covering all categories of ethical issues.   Towards a Sense of Ethics for Technical Communication […]


About DITA Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is an XML architecture and standard for designing, writing, managing, and publishing information. DITA specifies elements, their order of occurrence, and standard attributes on the elements. Elements are also known as tags. XML is a markup language, meaning that text is marked with tags. Some key features of […]

TCBOK Contributor Guidelines

Revised 10/13/2015 Complete the Submission Form and follow these guidelines to submit an article for the TCBOK. All articles are reviewed by TCBOK editors. Style and Format Follow these guidelines: Write in a clear, informal style. Avoid jargon and acronyms. Use common sense when making decisions about style and usage. If necessary, refer to: Merriam-Webster’s […]

Accessibility Standards

Accessibility is a critical factor for e-content success. The accessibility of websites for users with impairments is an evolving research area. It is vital for web concept designers to adhere to accessibility standards to ensure the successful dissemination of business information through e-commerce sites. By not adhering to accessibility guidelines, e-commerce businesses are inadvertently excluding a potentially […]

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