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Metrics for Translation

About Translation Metrics Metrics for translation are the factors with which we can evaluate translation products and processes. The growth of globalized and localized products has increased the need to manage translation costs. To reduce costs, organizations employ a variety of tools and methods to automate translation. These tools include software such as translation memory, […]

Process Metrics

About Process Metrics Process metrics are measurements of the steps of a process. Steps generally have completion milestones, and processes are generally measurable in business terms such as timeliness and cost. Process metrics tend to help with estimation (how long will it take, and what will it cost, to create a document?). Process quality has […]

Product Metrics

About Product Metrics Product metrics are measurements of attributes that contribute to quality or user satisfaction. Product metrics tend to measure attributes that increase user satisfaction. Product metrics can be measured and reported as part of documentation quality assurance. An example of an easily obtained metric is the number of typographical errors in a document. […]

Metrics Derived From Requirements

Metrics Requirements Requirements arise from three sources: users, clients, and our own internal, professional standards. User Requirements Metrics important to users tend to be product metrics. Metrics typically important to users include accuracy, appearance, and usability. Usability tests and satisfaction surveys are practical and effective ways to gather user metrics. Client Requirements Metrics important to […]

Measurement Techniques

Metrics Measurement Techniques To ensure the validity, objectivity, and repeatability of a metric, measurement must follow an established protocol. For example, a readability measurement must be taken on a specified number of randomly selected 100-word samples of paragraph text per 100 pages; otherwise, different people might take different numbers of samples, or take them from […]

Metrics Purpose

The Purpose of Metrics The purpose of gathering metrics is to understand the quality level of user documentation, to be able to improve that quality, and to be able to quantify that improvement. By measuring quality, you know where you stand; you know if your quality level is changing; you can teach your quality techniques […]

Selection Criteria for Metrics

Metrics Selection Criteria There are many things that can be measured. What should be measured depends on your goals. The appropriate metric or metrics to use depend on the user, client, and workgroup, and can vary from company to company or product to product. Ultimately, what you measure should pertain to what the overall organization […]

Suitability of a Metric For Use

Metrics Suitability Any proposed quality metric must be suitable for use. A suitable metric must have four attributes. It must be well-defined, so everyone has the same understanding of its meaning. It must have a range, a meaningful domain, and a known slope (that is, the shape of the curve is understood). It must expressed […]


About Metrics Metrics involves assessing content systematically using specified criteria. This section includes topics on metrics, including purpose, selection criteria, suitability, measurement techniques, requirements, and both product and process metrics. Purpose Selection Criteria for Metrics Suitability of a Metric for Use Measurement Techniques Metrics Derived from Requirements Product Metrics Process Metrics

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