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Often users refer to technical documentation when they have a problem to solve or want to know how to do something. We want to help users complete their immediate task, not overwhelm them with unnecessary information to wade through. Clear, concise text with a minimum of extra words is most helpful to users. Guidelines and […]

Information Management

Topics about Information Management Information management includes a wide range of subjects, including agile development, minimalism, topic-based authoring, single-sourcing, documentation process, and environments for managing content. Agile Development Minimalism

Agile Development

Agile development arose in response to the deficiencies of traditional waterfall-style development, a practice that relied on long-term, sequential┬áplanning, and execution. Agile concepts originated in manufacturing but are now used in a variety of industries. Computer software and hardware are chief among them. The Agile Manifesto prioritizes the following: Individuals and interactions over processes and […]

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