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Writing Domains

About Writing Domains Writing for a pilot or an aircraft maintenance person is not exactly the same as writing for a lawyer, or for a senior trying to understand a medicine leaflet. We use the word ‘domains’ to refer to these areas of specialism. For example: Aerospace and military Science Medical Pharmaceuticals Policy and procedures […]

Translation, Localization, and Globalization

Translation, Localization, or Globalization? Part of the process of translating a written text is the adaptation of the source language text service to the needs and uses of a particular cultural or linguistic market. Equally, your communications may need to be adapted to other markets even if it will be presented in the same language. […]

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance includes a wide range of practices, including controlled languages, editing, reviewing, style guides, testing, and evaluating quality to name just a few. Controlled languages Editing Reviewing Style guides Testing Evaluating Quality Plagiarism Contributors must be aware that committing plagiarism is an act of fraud. The TCBOK is not responsible for plagiarized submissions. Any […]

Information Process Maturity Model

Process Maturity The Information Process Maturity Model was developed by JoAnn Hackos in 1994 as a process standard for information development. The model outlines the characteristics required for an organization to have quality information development processes. The best practices outlined in the model describe five levels of information process maturity, from ad hoc (Level 1) […]


An Introduction to Indexing The index is an important part of any book or help file. Many users use the index to find information. If the index is poor, the users are less satisfied with the documentation. A good online index: Provides multiple entry points. All the reader’s guesses result in an entry point. Includes […]

Information Design and Development

Theories and practices in information management include design, development, delivery, quality assurance, translation, globalization, and localization. Information Management Information Management brings together topics like single-source authoring, topic-based authoring, and content management. Information Design Information Design includes needs assessments, information architecture, and accessibility. You can also find information about instructional design here. Information Development Information Development […]

Information Development

About Information Development Information development includes processes and practices in producing content, involving a wide range of topics including writing techniques, writing for translation, writing domains, subject matter research, collaborative authoring, process maturity, indexing, and other topics. Indexing Process Maturity Writing Domains


About Editing Editing is the process of correcting or adjusting a document before publication or distribution. It is an important part of quality assurance. The Editing Process Which issues are fixed during editing, and which are addressed during the review process? That must be agreed upon by the parties who are involved. Most commonly, editing technical documents involves concentrating on […]

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