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Information Mapping

About Information Mapping Information MappingTM is a trademarked methodology for writing and structuring content. It was developed by Robert Horn, a researcher at Harvard and Columbia Universities, in 1967. The overall process of Information Mapping consists of three major steps: analysis, organization, and presentation. Analysis The technical communicator analyzes both the text and the audience’s needs […]

Information Architect

When entering a web resource, one expects to locate information quickly without having to spend minutes clicking around the site. Richard Saul Wurman coined the title information architect in 1976, based on the enormous amount of information generated by society. He thought that “the explosion of data needed an architecture, a series of systems, systemic design, […]

Information Architecture

What are the Goals of Information Architecture? Information Architecture is a method to organize information in a purposeful and service-oriented way. It applies a systems design approach to information (Cummings, 2002). Some goals of information architecture include: Improving access to information Improving the relevancy of information Improving utility of information for a particular audience or […]

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