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About Reviewing Reviewing is the process of providing feedback on material produced by another writer (or group of writers). Changes are not made in the material but can be provided in the form of: A separate document or email that contains the feedback Comments within the documents itself A face-to-face discussion Defining a review Which […]

Medical Writer and Editor

Description Medical writers analyze and interpret medical issues in order to present them as understandable and concise in publications such as newspaper health columns, journal articles, brochures, radio and television scripts, and instruction manuals. Medical writers are also called health writers and are often literary and artistic types of people that focus on medical communications, […]


About Editing Editing is the process of correcting or adjusting a document before publication or distribution. It is an important part of quality assurance. The Editing Process Which issues are fixed during editing, and which are addressed during the review process? That must be agreed upon by the parties who are involved. Most commonly, editing technical documents involves concentrating on […]

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