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Crisis Communication Pathos

Overview Pathos is the emotion a communicator tries to convey through oral or written communication. Communicators use pathos to convey empathy to their audience, to keep control over a situation, and to transfer emotion to an audience. Empathy is the most important aspect of pathos because it lets the audience know that the communicator understands […]

Crisis Communication

Overview of Crisis Communication Communication during a crisis requires a rhetorical skill set focused on establishing communicator credibility to the affected public as well as understanding the audience. Crises are events that create large amounts of uncertainty and stress. These events are often unexpected, disrupting and confusing (Littlefield & Quenette, 2007, p. 29). From a […]

Crisis Communication: Case Studies

Virginia Tech Massacre If an emergency occurs at a school or university, the primary concern is getting the word out as soon as possible. It is necessary for the students, staff, and visitors to know immediately if they are in danger, and what action to take. “After some investigations concluded that the lack of timely […]

Crisis Communication Ethos: Accuracy and Consistency

Accuracy and Consistency Accuracy and consistency in messages cast crisis communicators in a competent light. Consistency shows cohesion in an organization or among several organizations; this helps confused and anxious audiences orient themselves and trust the information (Seeger, 2006, p. 10). To get accurate information, it is important to “validate sources, choose subject-area experts, and […]

Crisis Communication Ethos: Honesty

Crisis Communication Ethos: Honesty Organizations must be honest with their audiences no matter the nature of the crisis, because honesty allows people to prepare themselves for the outcome of the situation. Furthermore, organizations must communicate frequently with their audiences to keep them up-to-date on the crisis situation. Waymer & Heath (2007) explain failure to inform […]

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