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Understanding Core Competencies

Understanding Core Competencies Every profession has a set of core competencies expected of those who practice in the discipline. Because technical communication is a relatively new academic discipline, these competencies are being developed and defined rapidly. There are certain key competencies, however, that most academic programs should address. Topics within this section of the TCBOK: […]

Core Competencies

Overview of the Core Competencies in Technical Communicators The core competencies required of technical communicators are constantly evolving, and professional and academic journals frequently contain articles on this topic. A good place to begin learning about core competencies is on STC’s Web site, where the Our Story section includes a short article on “Technical Writer – […]

Demonstration of Communication Professionalism

Demonstration of Communication Professionalism collaborate with people of different backgrounds, status, education, and expectations work with groups and contribute to team maintain currency in technical communication domain and profession achieve technical domain knowledge advocate for the user and the user’s needs take initiative as a self starter and evaluate one’s own work and the work of […]

Communication Design and Development

Overview This is a selected list of knowledge, skills, and abilities related to communication (information) design and development. Analyzing and Problem Solving recognize patterns and relationships identify logical fallacies        synthesize discrete pieces of data to form concepts analyze communication problems establish measurable goals or objectives to address problems conduct needs assessment to understand audience, […]

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