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Our Value as Technical Communicators

Managing Client Expectations See Avoiding Client/Contractor Nightmares Best Practices for Contractor Management, Sherry Michaels, Maggie Haenel, Ann Backhaus Networking See Networking the World Over, Bouquet, Luc, Ken E. d’Albenas, Frederic R. Menezes, Alison Reynolds and Valerie Gilliotte (Intercom 2001) Consensus Building Contribute if you know about Consensus Building and can improve this section. You: The […]

Legal and Intellectual Property Issues

Intellectual Property Who owns the work? Copyright, trademarks, and patents Use of copyrighted materials Registering copyrights Copyrights around the world Resources Other Legal Matters Import/Export Law/Regulations Contract Law Relevant Legal Statutes (for example, EU regulations) Hiring (for example, contract employees, international, legal and appropriate interviewing

Business Analyst

A business analyst’s main job function is to become familiar with an organization’s processes and procedures (its business) and identify opportunities for improvement. In organizations that build technical products to support or replace business processes, such as software, business analysts gather requirements for the product. In product development environments (such as software development), the business […]

Business Use of Social Media

Introduction to the Evolution of Social Media Social media is a growing field used to connect, communicate and network. Although websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram, and LinkedIn are often used for pleasure and to keep in touch with friends and family, they have recently been used by companies both small and large to […]

Business Etiquette

Annotated Bibliography Online Etiquette As more business communication moves to computer-mediated means, the unique etiquette that evolves online differs from face-to-face communication. This annotated bibliography provides a brief overview of online communication etiquette, particularly in a business setting. The sources included pull from business magazines, etiquette blogs, academic articles, and professional publications. Bailey, L. [Web […]

Business Knowledge

Business Knowledge and Technical Communication This topic offers specific information related to business knowledge and technical communication. Our Value as Technical Communicators All About Consulting Marketing 101 Legal & Intellectual Property Issues Supply Chain and Distribution Business Etiquette Business Use of Social Media

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