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Knowledge Management
<td id="content_col"> <!-- edit page button --> <!-- page content --> <h1 id="pageTitle">Bibliography - Knowledge Management</h1> <span><p>Return to <a href="">Bibliography</a> home </p> <h3>Content</h3> <p>Asprey, Len and Michael Middleton. <strong>Integrative Document &amp; Content Management: Strategies for Exploiting Enterprise Knowledge</strong>. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Publishing, 2003.</p> <p>Boiko, Bob. <strong>Content Management Bible</strong>, 2nd ed. Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Publishing, 2004.</p> <p>Forquer, Bill, Peter Jelinski, and Tom Jenkins. <strong>Enterprise Content Management Solutions: What You Need to Know</strong>. Waterloo, ON, CN: Open Text Corporation, 2005.</p> <p>Hackos, JoAnn T. <strong>Content Management for Dynamic Web Delivery</strong>. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley &amp; Sons, 2002.</p> <p>Hasanali, Farida and Paige Leavitt. <strong>Content Management: A Guide for Your Journey to Knowledge Management Best Practices</strong>. 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