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Healthcare Cloud Computing (Annotated Bibliography)

Ahmed, S., Abdullah, A. (2012 February 9). E-healthcare and data management services in a cloud. Retrieved from  10.1109/HONET.2011.6149827

This article describes security solutions for healthcare cloud computing. It also illustrates the many benefits that cloud computing has when collaboratively managing data in healthcare. Abdullah and Ahmed also describe the cost efficiency of the use of cloud computing in healthcare.

Chen, L., Hoang, D. B. (2011 October 31). Novel data protection in healthcare cloud. Retrieved from 10.1109/HPCC.2011.148

Chen and Hoang use this article to present a definition for cloud computing and its benefits.  The article talks about approaching one of the biggest issues in the healthcare cloud, which is security.

Chen, Y., Su, Y., Chen, Y., Huang, C. (2008, September 3). Design and implementation of a medical knowledge service system for cross-organization healthcare collaboration. Retrieved from 10.1109/INDIN.2008.4618292

The article states the proposed designs of cloud computing for healthcare professionals. It illustrates how to utilize and manage cloud computing in a healthcare setting.

Lugwig, L. (2002 August 6). Collaboration in the information age: the future of multimedia messaging in healthcare. Retrieved from 10.1109/PACMED.1998.769923

This article applies cloud computing to situations in healthcare that would benefit from it. Also, it describes how cloud computing saves time and compares it to  previous methods of collaborative communication.

Rostrom, T., Teng, C. (2011, September 1). Secure communications for PACS in a cloud environment. Retrieved from IEEE.Org

In this article, Rostrom and Teng state the risks that go along with cloud computing in a healthcare setting.  They describe the need for security systems in order to protect confidential patient information.