Working In Teams

Technical communicators belong to many teams. The following list shows just a few possibilities that exist. Technical publications teams Product


A wiki is a collaborative content management system located on the Internet.  Wikis allow multiple users to collaborate and edit

Virtual Meetings

In our current technological age, distance meetings are becoming more popular. Employees are telecommuting, companies are outsourcing, and the need for

Process Metrics

About Process Metrics Process metrics are measurements of the steps of a process. Steps generally have completion milestones, and processes

Product Metrics

About Product Metrics Product metrics are measurements of attributes that contribute to quality or user satisfaction. Product metrics tend to

Measurement Techniques

Metrics Measurement Techniques To ensure the validity, objectivity, and repeatability of a metric, measurement must follow an established protocol. For

Metrics Purpose

The Purpose of Metrics The purpose of gathering metrics is to understand the quality level of user documentation, to be