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Career Management
<div>Know how to find and develop a career that keeps pace with ever-changing technologies and practices through academic programs, professional development, and business knowledge.</div> <h3>Academic Programs</h3> Do you know the core competencies for the technical communication profession? Do you want to find an educational program to increase your knowledge? Go to <a href="">Academic Programs</a>. <h3>Professional Development</h3> Invest in ongoing professional development to strengthen your position in today's competitive economy. <a title="Professional Development" href="" target="_blank">Professional Development</a> includes information about searching for a job and retiring from technical communication. <h3>Business Knowledge</h3> To professionally market ourselves and our companies, we need specialized business knowledge unique to technical communication. Go to the <a title="Business Knowledge" href="">Business Knowledge</a> page for information about what should be part of every practitioner's toolkit. <h3>Career Paths</h3> Technical communicators have many different specialties and related professions open to them. Find out more from <a href="">Career Paths</a>

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