Corporate E-Rhetoric Annotated Bibliography

  • Leaning, Marcus. Issues in Information and Media Literacy: Criticism, History, and Policy. Santa Rosa: Informing Science, 2009. Google Books. Web. 3 Mar. 2010. <
    This book was interesting because it has a small focus on this concept of a “vulnerable consumer.”  It discusses how the consumer of any business becomes vulnerable as a result of the introduction of new business tools, such as websites, e-mail, and blogs. It explains that this is most likely to happen to the elderly, those with disabilities, those with low incomes, and people in rural areas, and how this creates an isolation of these consumers from the business and society.
  • Peimer, Sid. “Pitching for New Business: Aristotle’s Law of Rhetoric.”Articlesbase. 22 Feb. 2010. Web. 3 Mar. 2010. <http://>.
    This is a fairly recent article posted in February 2010 on ArticlesBase website.  It discusses the application of Aristotle’s concepts of ethos, logos, and pathos to the idea of a business pitch. It defines ethos, logos, and pathos and then explains them in terms of business elements. It was very helpful because it defined the type of ethos, logos, and pathos that should appear in modern business tools, such as a PowerPoint presentation or website, to create an effective pitch.
  • Aristotle. Rhetorica Ad Herennium, Book 1. Translated by George A. Kennedy.
  • Welch, Kathleen “Power Surge: Writing-Rhetoric Studies, Blogs, and Embedded Whiteness.”