Glossary - Research Terms

  Return to Glossary home A priori segmentation AAU study Action research Ad concept testing Ad positioning statement test Ad recall test Ad tracking research Adaptive scripting ADI Anecdotal research Anthropomorphic Applied research Area of dominant influence (ADI) Attitude Attitude survey Attitude, awareness, and usage study Attitudinal scaling Awareness Basic research Before and after studies Behavior Behavioral interview Bias Biased sample Blind study Blinding Case study Case-control study Categorical data Causal research Chaos theory Closed-ended question Cognitive model Cohort studies Conative model Concept testing Contextual inquiry Control and test groups Control group Cross-cultural research Cross-sectional surveys Customer satisfaction research Data types Demographics Discrete data Ethnography Ethnomethodology Evaluation survey Experiment Experimental design Feasibility Feasibility study Field trial Focus group Hawthorne effect High-order questions Homogeneity Hypothesis Interval scale Interview Likert scale Litmus test Longitudinal study Market research Marketing research Marketing types Mystery shoppers Nominal scale Non-participant observation Null hypothesis Observation Open-ended question Opinion survey Ordinal scale Participant observation Pilot Pilot study Pilot test Posttest Pre-post studies Pretest Probability sample Purposeful sampling Qualitative Qualitative data Qualitative research Qualitative research methods Quantitative data Quantitative market research Quantitative research Quantitative research methods Questionnaire Random sample Ratio scale Replicability Representative sample Research Research design Research methods Research skills Sample Satisfaction survey Segmentation Semiotics Semi-structured interview SIC SR Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Structured interview Subjective question Subject-matter expert (SME) Survey Survey design Survey instrument Survey sample Survey types Systematic review (SR) Test group Theoretical sampling Top-of-mind awareness Total unaided recall Unstructured interview User research Return to Glossary home