Glossary - Program Management Terms

  Return to Glossary home ABA ABC AC Acceptance Accountability matrix Acquisition Plan Acquisition planning Acquisition process Activity Activity definition Activity description (AD) Activity duration Activity duration estimating Activity list Activity sequencing Actual cost (AC) Actual cost of work performed (ACWP) Actual finish date (AF) Actual start date (AS) ACV ACWP AD ADM AF Affinity diagram Agile development Allocated baseline Alternatives Alternatives analysis Alternatives identification Arrow diagramming method (ADM) AS As-built architecture (ABA) As-built schedule As-of date As-performed schedule Assumptions Assumptions analysis At-completion variance (ACV) Audit Audit trail Auditability Avoidance BAC Backward pass Baseline finish date Baseline project plan Baseline schedule Baseline start date Baselined requirements BCA BCR BCWP BCWS Benefit Benefit-cost analysis (BCA) Benefit-cost ratio (BCR) Bottom-up budget Bottom-up estimate Break-even point Budget at completion (BAC) Budget costs Budget estimate Budgeted cost of work performed (BCWP) Budgeted cost of work scheduled (BCWS) Buffer Burn rate Business Case Business risk Business scope Buy in CAP Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Capability Maturity Model for Software (SW-CMM) Capability Maturity Model phases Cash-flow analysis CBA CEA Certainty-equivalent Champion Change Change control Change control board Change control process Change management Change Management Plan Change request Charter CMM CMP Communication requirements Communications Plan Communications planning Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Concept Proposal CONOPS Constraint Contingencies Contingency allowance Contingency Plan Contingency planning Contingency reserve Contingency/Disaster Recovery Plan Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) Control Control account plan (CAP) Control gate Conversion Plan COO COOP Corrective action Cost Cost baseline Cost budgeting Cost control Cost estimating Cost management Cost of quality Cost overrun Cost performance index (CPI) Cost performance measurement baseline Cost performance report (CPR) Cost types Cost variance (CV) Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) Cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) CPA CPI CPM CPN CPR Crashing Critical activity Critical path Critical path analysis (CPA) Critical path method (CPM) Critical path network (CPN) Critical risk Critical task Current finish date Current start date Current year Customer acceptance Customer acceptance criteria Cutover CV CWBS Cycle time Cycle-time reduction DCF DD Decision tree Decomposition Definitive estimate Deliverable Delphi technique Dependency Dependency testing Detailed design Detailed schedule Direct costs Direct labor Direct materials Direct overhead Direct project costs Discounted net Disposition Plan Documentation Plan DU Due date (DD) Dummy activity Duration (DU) Duration compression EAC Early finish date (EF) Early start date (ES) Earned value (EV) Earned value management (EVM) ECC EF Effort EMV End user Enhancement ES Estimate Estimate at completion (EAC) Estimate to complete (ETC) Estimated cost Estimated cost to complete (ECC) Estimated final cost ETC EV EVM Exception Report Exception reporting Execution year Exit criteria Expected monetary value (EMV) Expected value Expense External risk External stakeholders FAC Fast tracking FDS FF Final design Final Report Finish date Finish-to-finish (FF) Finish-to-start (FS) Float Forecast Forecast at completion (FAC) Forward pass FRD Free float (FF) FS FSP Functional baseline Functional decomposition Functional Design Specification (FDS) Functional requirements Functional Requirements Document (FRD) Functional specification Functional specification package (FSP) Functional Test Plan Gating GERT Go/no-go decision Graphical evaluation and review technique (GERT) Impact analysis Implementation Plan Implementation requirements Indirect costs Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Initial concept Initiation Initiative Integrated project team (IPT) Integration Plan Interface Control Document Internal stakeholders IPT ITIL JAD Job analysis Joint application development (JAD) Kickoff meeting Lag Late finish date (LF) Late start date (LS) Lead Lean development Lessons learned Level of effort (LOE) Leveling LF Life cycle Life cycle cost Life cycle management Life cycle phase LOE Logical relationship LS Maintenance Plan Make-or-buy analysis Management reserve Mandatory requirement Master Project Schedule Milestone Milestone Schedule Mitigation Mitigation strategy Mixed life-cycle project Modification Monitoring Monte Carlo analysis Near-critical activity Needs analysis Net cash flow Net present value (NPV) Net sales revenue Network analysis Network diagram Network path New project Nice-to-have requirement Node Nominal group technique Nominal interest rate Nominal values Non-functional requirements Non-technical requirements NPV Objective OBS Ongoing project Operational project Opportunity cost Order-of-magnitude estimate Organizational breakdown structure (OBS) Organizational planning Other direct costs Outcome measure Overhead Overlap Pairwise comparison Path Path float Payback period PC PDM PDR Percent complete (PC) Performance factor (PF) Performance goal Performance measurement Performance measurement baseline Performance measures Performance reporting Performance requirement Performance specification PERT PERT chart PF Phase Phase gate Pilot Pilot study Planned finish date (PF) Planned start date (PS) Planned value (PV) Planning PM PMBOK PMI PMO PMP Point of contact (POC) Portfolio Post-implementation report Post-implementation review Post-termination Review Report Precedence diagramming method (PDM) Precedence relationship Predecessor activity Predecessor task Preliminary design review (PDR) Probability and impact matrix Procurement planning Product baseline Product life cycle Product scope Program Program evaluation and review technique (PERT) Program management Program management office (PMO) Program manager Progress measurement Project Project budget Project Charter Project communications management Project cost management Project deliverable Project estimating Project human resources management Project integration management Project life cycle Project management (PM) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Project Management Institute (PMI) Project management methodologies Project management office Project Management Professional (PMP) Project management team Project manager (PM) Project milestone Project network diagram Project phase Project Plan Project plan development Project plan execution Project planning Project procurement management Project quality management Project risk management Project Schedule Project scope Project scope management Project sponsor Project stakeholder Project Surveillance Plan (PSP) Project team Project Test Plan Project time management Project work breakdown structure (PWBS) Proof of concept Prototyping PRS PS PSP PV PWBS PWS Qualitative risk analysis Quality Assurance Plan Quality gate Quality planning Quality surveillance Quantitative risk analysis RAD RAM Rapid application development (RAD) Rational Unified Process (RUP) RDU Re-baselining Records management Recurring costs Release candidate Remaining duration (RDU) Remaining float (RF) Requirement Requirements analysis Requirements definition Requirements management Requirements Specification Requirements traceability Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) Reserve Residual risk Resource allocation Resource leveling Resource Plan Resource planning Resource-limited schedule Responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) Responsibility chart Responsibility matrix Return Return on investment (ROI) Rework RF Risk Risk acceptance Risk analysis Risk assessment Risk averse Risk category Risk database Risk event Risk identification Risk management Risk Management Plan Risk monitoring and control Risk Response Plan Risk response planning Risk seeking ROI Rollout RTM RUP Schedule Schedule analysis Schedule baseline Schedule compression Schedule control Schedule development Schedule estimation Schedule performance index (SPI) Schedule variance (SV) Scheduled finish date (SF) Scheduled start date (SS) SCMP Scope Scope baseline Scope change Scope change control Scope change management Scope creep Scope definition Scope management Scope planning Scrum SDLC Security Plan Security test and evaluation (ST&E) Sensitivity analysis SF SG&A Sign-off Worksheet Simulation Simulation modeling Slack SME Software Configuration Management Plan (SCMP) Software development plan Software life cycle Software Project Management Plan Software project planning Software project tracking and oversight Software Requirements Specification SPI Sponsor SS ST&E Stage gate Stakeholder analysis Stakeholders Start date Start-to-finish (SF) Start-to-start (SS) Status Report Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis Structured walkthrough Successor activity Sunk cost Surveillance SV SWOT SWOT analysis System design System Design Document Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Target completion date (TC) Target finish date (TF) Target schedule Target start date (TS) Task Task analysis TC Team Charter Technical performance measurement Technical requirements Technical Specification Test Analysis Report Test Plan Test Script TF Time management Toll gate Top-down budget Top-down estimate Total cost Total float (TF) Traceability Traceability Matrix Training Plan Transference Tree diagram Triggers Triple constraints TS Turnkey Useful segment/module User analysis User Documentation Plan Users Manual VAC Value engineering (VE) Variance Variance analysis Variance at completion (VAC) VDD VE Waterfall model WBS Willingness to pay Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Work package Workload Return to Glossary home