Glossary - Instructional Design Terms

  Return to Glossary home Action learning ADDIE Adult learning Affective domain Alternative assessment Analysis Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate (ADDIE) Assessment ASTD Asynchronous learning Behavioral objectives Behaviorism Blended learning Bloom's taxonomy CBT Cognitive domain Cognitive psychology Cognitive science Cognitively guided instruction Collaborative learning Computer-based training (CBT) Constructivism Content analysis Cooperative learning Course design Courseware Criterion-referenced test Curriculum Curriculum design Design Development Distance education Distance learning Distributed learning E-learning Electronic learning Evaluation Exhibition of mastery Explicit knowledge Formulative evaluation Group knowledge Group-based instruction Hands-on/minds-on activities Humanistic psychology ILT Implementation Individual knowledge Informal knowledge Inquiry Instructional analysis Instructional design Instructional designer Instructional goals Instructional objectives Instructional strategies Instructor-led training (ILT) Job aids Knowledge Learnability Learning design Learning management system (LMS) Learning object Learning objectives Learning organization LMS Metacognition Module Needs assessment Open-ended question Open-ended task Open-response task Outcome-based education Pedagogy Performance assessment Performance criteria Performance objectives Performance task Portfolio Portfolio assessment Posttest Pretest Problem solving Psychomotor domain Rubrics Scaffolding Scoring guide Self-directed learning Self-paced learning Standardized tests Synchronous learning Tacit knowledge Task inventory Traditional assessment Training and development Training Plan Tutorial WBT Web-based training (WBT) Wizard Return to Glossary home