Glossary - Collaboration Terms

  Return to Glossary home 360-degree appraisal 360-degree feedback 360-degree review Achievement-oriented leadership Action-centered leadership Active listening Activity-based management Adaptive scripting Adjourning ADR Affiliative leadership Agenda Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) AMA American Management Association (AMA) American National Standards Institute (ANSI) American Society for Quality (ASQC) American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) Arbitration Assessment Audio conferencing Authority Autocratic leadership Bargaining Brainstorming Business casual Business professional attire Career management Career planning Caucus Closed-ended question Coach Coaching Coaching leadership Code of ethics Collaboration Collaboration software Collaboration Webware Collaborative problem solving Co-mediation Commanding leadership Community of practice Competency Conciliation Confidentiality Conflict Conflict management Conflict resolution Consensus Convening Core competency Counseling Covert leadership Critical thinking Cross-functional management Cross-functional team Democratic leadership Directive leadership Dispute Dispute resolution EAP Employee assistance program (EAP) Empowerment Ethical communication Ethics Evidence-based management External stakeholders Facebook Facilitation Facilitator Fact finding Feedback Flexible work arrangements Forming Groupthink Hierarchical analysis High-order thinking skills Hiring interview Hostile work environment Human capital Intellectual capital Internal stakeholders Interpersonal awareness Interview Job description Key performance indicators (KPIs) Knowledge management Knowledge map Knowledge mapping Knowledge transfer Knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) KPIs KSAs Leadership styles LinkedIn Lose-lose negotiation Lose-win negotiation Management by exception (MBE) Management by objectives (MBO) Management by walking around (MBWA) Management styles Manager Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Mediation Mediation-arbitration Mentoring Mind mapping MySpace Negotiation Networking Nominal group technique Noncompete (noncompetition) agreement Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) Norming Ombudsman/ombudsperson Organizational communication Pacesetting leadership Pairwise comparison Participative leadership PD Peer appraisal Peer review Performance appraisal Performance improvement plan (PIP) Performance Plan Performance review Performing PIP Portfolio Position description (PD Professional development Professional dress Professionalism Progressive discipline Public speaking Reasonable accommodation Reconciliation Result-oriented management Results-based leadership Resume Risk averse Risk seeking Scientific knowledge Screening interview Self appraisal Self-managed team Semi-structured interview Situational leadership Social networking Society for Technical Communication (STC) Span of control Storming Strategic map Return to Glossary home