Why Contribute to TCBOK?

If you are an experienced technical communicator, you get the pleasure of sharing your knowledge and experience and working with younger professionals. If you are new to the profession, this is your chance to learn more about it and to work with senior professionals.

Getting Started

The TCBOK accepts two categories content submissions: New Content and Edited Content (including changes to existing pages or additions of links).

Content contributors agree to STC copyright policies and to follow the style guidelines.

Adopt a Topic

If you know something about a subject in Technical Communication, or you would enjoy spending time researching something you’d like to learn about, why not Adopt a Topic?

You would then:

  • collect resources on that topic
  • edit the appropriate wiki page to link to those resources
  • add a brief note introducing each link and why it’s worth visiting
  • optionally, add suggestions for further reading of journal articles or books on the topic.

After that, you can still work on it but we allow other people access to it.