Communication Knowledge and Skills


This is a selected list of knowledge, skills, and abilities related to communication (information) design and development.

Analyzing and Problem Solving

  • recognize patterns and relationships
  • identify logical fallacies
  • synthesize discrete pieces of data to form concepts
  • analyze communication problems
  • establish measurable goals or objectives to address problems
  • conduct needs assessment to understand audience, task, context, and genre


  • write clearly for specific audiences directed by clearly defined purposes
  • use correct written language (usage, grammar, punctuation, spelling)
  • exhibit clear context-appropriate style (readable, concise, cohesive)
  • develop context-appropriate, thorough, relevant, and coherent content
  • understand genre
  • adapt for various media


  • recognize the use of words and visual symbols and their meanings in order to identify inconsistencies in their use

Visual Design

  • combine aesthetics with usability
  • implement consistent principles of design (consistency, alignment, contrast/similarity, proximity)
  • demonstrate command of design principles across media

Interaction Design

  • implement navigation and linking
  • create user-interface design
  • understand information architecture

Instructional Design

Standards Conformance

  • understand standards for documentation control and usability (ISO and OASIS)
  • apply Web accessibility standards